Temidayo Balogun is a talented and versatile pan-African musician with a strong background in jazz and contemporary music. He hails from Osun state, Nigeria, and has a diverse skill set that includes playing the saxophone, piano, and talking drum. His musical journey has taken him through a rich education at the Muson School of Music(Lagos, Nigeria), and later on at the Longy School of Music(Cambridge, Massachusettes), where he had the opportunity to study with renowned artists such as Noah Preminger, Eric Hofbauer, and Ben Schwendener.


Temidayo is not only a solo artist but has also had the privilege of collaborating with various notable musicians and bands, both in Nigeria and Boston. These collaborations include artists like Yinka Davies, Taye Mayegha, Tosin Aribisala, and groups like The Lagos Jazz Series Quintet, Generayshun, The Native Brains, Ope and the Stereo Choir, Jazz in My Room, and most notably, The Makanda Project in Boston.


His involvement in The Makanda Project led by John Kordalewski has allowed him to work alongside jazz legends such as Chico Freeman, Avery Sharpe, Dee Alexander, Ricky Ford, Warren Smith, Bill Lowe, and others, which is a significant achievement in the world of jazz music. In addition to his live performances and collaborations, Temidayo Balogun recently released his debut studio album titled “Ìbà,” which is available on various digital platforms. This album reflects his deep connection to his Yoruba cultural roots and West African musical influences, both rhythmically and harmonically. It’s a testament to his skills as a composer and his dedication to exploring and sharing the rich musical traditions of his heritage.


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